See your practice through your patients’ eyes

Each year, RealPatientRatings hears from tens of thousands of real patients who are eager to share feedback about the providers they visit. These patients value the opinions of others. They are in charge of the process by which they choose the provider they do business with. And more than ever, they’re doing research and reading online ratings and reviews before making their appointments and before their consultations.

92% of adults* now use reviews to make decisions about local businesses.

But for cosmetic providers, privacy concerns mean that only a small handful of your patients will ever be comfortable reviewing their experience online. Do those few reviews tell the true story of your practice? Are the reviews on Yelp, Google+, and those other sites even real?

In an era where the buying process is controlled by patients, RealPatientRatings helps you overcome these obstacles and meet consumers’ need for trusted, accurate, recent ratings and reviews.

What is RealPatientRatings?

RealPatientRatings helps your practice attract more patients who are further along in their decision-making process and ready to buy.

We publish patient reviews generated by our best-in-class patient satisfaction survey to an embedded feed and “widget” on your website. There, consumers see a fresh, authentic view of your practice from real patients while you proactively present the exact information they need to confidently make a decision.

We enable you to leverage the extraordinary thoughts and feelings of your patients to dramatically increase conversions and accelerate the buying process, and deliver actionable intelligence to help you increase revenue, retention, and referrals.

Call RealPatientRatings at 800-267-1228, ext. 5 for more information, or fill out this form to request more info, and get ready to grow!

“My patients all tell me they came because of the ratings, not because I teach at Harvard. I love what you’re doing and I tell every resident to become a member of RealPatientRatings.” –Richard Bartlett, MD

*BrightLocal Study


Ratings & Reviews

We help you leverage your positive reputation and provide patients with the ratings and reviews they expect when making a decision about healthcare providers.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use the latest technologies in our “smart-widgets” to publish fresh and relevant ratings and reviews directly to your website, where patients expect to find it.

Practice Growth

We provide real patient insights and recommendations that help you develop and grow your practice through better patient retention and referrals.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on being there to help our members. Our team of dedicated industry experts will work with you to find the solutions you need.